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Why is it called "Life"? Because like everyone's real life it took a lot of time and effort to conceive, design, plan, create and complete... It's full of ups and downs, larger things and smaller things... but not every larger thing is the most pronounced, the most important. Sometimes in life a smaller thing is more prominent, more important, more memorable... and that's reflected in this piece of art.

It's not always perfect. In some places it's smoother than others. Some places quite rough and broken with things left behind or discarded. Some parts have been completed, some passed over, some almost forgotten. No two pieces of art will ever be the same. The timber will be different, the grain, the look, the feel, even the smell will change. The patterns have some simplicity, some structure, some things that seem to repeat themselves, but even they can change from one piece to another.

Like our lives, it's not perfectly finished. If you want you can paint it and change it as your life necessitates. You can let it be a true reflection of YOU! Like your life and my life and everyone else's life... each piece is unique and different... and that is what life is all about. How is your piece of art called "Life" going to finish up?

Size: 290mm x 290mm x 65mm

Finished "Au Naturale" (Just the natural timber with no oils or polyurethane coatings.)

© Copyright Howard Woolston 2020

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